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you know who would love this?

Last week a really sweet woman came in the deli and picked up a small tray of desserts. She was in town from New Braunfels, she explained, and needed to take some treats to somebody. She also told us about her business in New Braunfels - a restaurant called McAdoo's. She described the place and told us that it's located in the old post office building in downtown New Braunfels.  It sounded great, but what hooked us was when she said the words "Sunday" and "brunch."

While we have some great favorite spots in San Antonio to hit on Sundays, this past Sunday we thought a short road trip was in order,  so we headed to McAdoo's. While I drove, Mr. Beers looked at their website, getting directions, perusing the menu, looking at pictures.

Once we got to McAdoo's,  we were greeted and seated, and started enjoying the feeling that we had been transported to New Orleans. The decor, the menu, the vibe - all wonderfully New Orleans.

Mr. Beers enjoyed the Crab C…

Are they good?

One day last week Mr. Beers and I enjoyed breakfast tacos at Central Market.  The lady ordering just before us, pointing and tapping on the deli case, in her sweetest southern accent, asked the breakfast taco lady, "What is that? Is that grits?"  "Yes, ma'am," the taco lady replied.  "I haven't had grits in a long time.  Are they good?" "Yes, ma'am," the taco lady repeated. "I mean are they good today?" the customer probed. For the third time the taco lady said, "Yes, ma'am." "May I try them please?" And again, "Yes, ma'am." The story has a happy ending.  The belle eventually bought a small cup of grits, and Mr. Beers and I were able to order our breakfast tacos.
It made me think of the number of times that we have been asked at the deli about a particular cookie or sandwich or soup, "Is that good?" Or, "What's good here?"

Clearly the person asking the question h…