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Maybe something like this has happened to you. You're going to your family's place at the lake for the first time. You've never been there. And you're driving several hours to get there. You ask them for the address so that you can enter the information in your navigation system (most likely your phone). But your family member doesn't know the actual address. Well, either they don't know the address or they just want to withhold the information so that they can say instead, "Let me tell you how to get there. It's really easy to find."

And then. And then there's a really long narrative that includes phrases like "the second big curve" and "the new McDonald's, not the old one on Hwy. 69," and other equally vague (and frustrating) verbiage that alludes to points to watch for along your way to the new lake house. But you make the most of it and try to find your way using these "directions." Several phone calls ha…


These guys right here. If you ever have the opportunity to spend a little time with Fred & Tom & Craig, do NOT pass it up. They will probably buy you a drink. They will most likely feed you a delicious meal. They will have you laughing your ass off. And without a doubt, they will make you feel really special. What else could you want?
You may or may not have heard that Mr. Beers and I have been tapped to be Kings Anchovy this year. Yep, we have. It is an honor. It is a very cool thing. Of course, we're following in the footsteps of lots of cool Kings Anchovy (and one special Queen Anchovy - Hi, Jody!) of past years. Once the Cornyation folks notified us of the decision that we would be this year's kings, after we did our happy dance for a little while, we shared the news with our friends and family. If all of that sounds like Greek to you, you might want to look at or check out the Fiesta Cornyation facebook page.
So, yeah, we shared the news …