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Nobody looked at a cell phone.

You can't tell it from this photo, but last night this table on our patio at home was full. It was full of people and delicious food and drinks and lively conversation and unbridled laughter. There was music playing in the background. There were nine of us at the table and not one had a cell phone out during the whole evening.

I lie. There was that one moment when Del snapped a cell phone photo with Putsy, but that was it.

We talked about everything - pop culture, music, theatre, movies, books, food, travel, family. We even talked about the things that you're not supposed to talk about: politics. religion. Even the Kardashian family came up in conversation - but just long enough for almost everyone to admit that none of us have seen an episode of their TV show. We didn't all agree completely on everything, but we had a great time.

There were a good number of Catholics at the table. There were a good number of Southern Baptists at the table. There were lots of great storie…

That Good Old Green Salsa & Really Nice People

Last week someone went on the W.D.Deli facebook page and left a negative review. You know if you're a business owner with a facebook page, anytime there's any activity on your page you get a notification. This particular time this particular person said something like, "This place used to be good. It's really gone downhill." We were concerned and perplexed. We're always concerned when someone is unhappy with their "deli experience." We want to figure out why and make things better. We were perplexed because when we looked at the review, and at who the reviewer was, we saw that it was someone who had been a regular customer at one time. We were also puzzled because there was no explanation of exactly what the reviewer thought has gone downhill. The food? The service? Our fashion choices? We responded to the reviewer, thanked them for the review, and asked if there was anything they thought we might do better. So far there's been no answer. We al…