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Hello, Dolly!

It’s the middle of March 2012, and it’s time for something to give. Mr. Bobo knows that come October or November every year, his model-thin waistline (ahem) will begin to expand. The holidays are an impossible time to consider dieting.  For one thing - the women in my family feel obligated to make an incredible variety of horribly tempting delicious sweets. And as if that weren’t enough, social obligations start filling up the calender, and trips to the gym become more and more difficult to schedule.  Much self-discipline is required.  Self-discipline has never been Mr. Bobo’s strong suit.

But now it’s the middle of March, and it’s time to get serious (ahem) about cutting back on the enchilada plates, margaritas, and W. D. Deli desserts, and getting back to those days of spending the afternoons with my iPod shuffle at the gym.  Sounds good, right? Whatever.  We have a new baker named Kevin at W. D. Deli.  We also have a new dessert bar.  Not really new.  These are bars that my mom us…


Tonight we had the pleasure of attending a very special event.  It was a pre-opening party for friends and family at the new Woof Gang Bakery in San Antonio. And it was a birthday party as well for the beautiful owner Sara Spreen!

Photographs & Memories

On our most recent trip to New York City, Mr. Beers and I enjoyed a Saturday morning at the Chelsea Garage Flea Market. We had been to this same flea market on previous trips to the city, so we knew what we were in for.  Vintage EVERYTHING. Mr. Beers enjoys looking at lots of different things - clothes, furniture (especially chairs - I am quite positive that he has a chair fetish), old signs, paintings, old maps, home decor strangeness...  I usually zero in on the boxes of old photographs.

The photographs of somebody else’s relatives in pictures in which they were creating memories of special times and events in their lives that I have no connection to.  No connection other than the fact that we are all human, and a lot of the things that we consider remarkable don’t vary a lot from person to person.

I like it when friends post old photographs on facebook.  My friend Becky Garrett Steele has posted some great ones of family and friends, going back generations. Beautiful pictures of p…