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happy thanksgiving!

Yesterday we received a phone call from a nice man who works a business near W. D. Deli.  He was calling to let us know about the “passing” of a dear woman who was part of the family and part of the business.  Sad.
This morning on a regular trip to our local Sam’s Club, I was greeted with a sweet hug from a woman who immediately said, “I’m sad.”  She went on to explain that one of the really great guys who works in the meat market had just died.  It seems last week he wasn’t feeling well and went home and decided to go to bed early.  That night he suffered a massive heart attack and died.  Tragic.  He was just 50.
Earlier this week one of the nicest guys I know was hit with some rough stuff.  His dad fell down at home and felt really dizzy.  They decided to go to the hospital.  In examining this guy’s dad the doctors found tumors on his spine.  Upon closer inspection they found tumors in his liver.  And his lungs.  What a lot for this poor man and his family to deal with.
During this sam…

A Star Is Born - and later - Ranger Cookies!

Last week Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers had a fine time enjoying the Uptown Art Walk in the Olmos Park Terrace neighborhood. The residents showed and sold everything from potholders to paintings - and everything in between. The highlight of the day for Mr. Bobo happened in a spot that looked like this:

There was a canopy that sheltered a portable projection screen (the kind your relatives used to show their home movies on) and a wooden chair. As we perused the wares that these particular artists were showing, a young lady approached us. "If you have just five minutes to spare, I’m working on an experimental film project. I’d love for you to participate." "What would you like me to do?" I asked. She held out a bottle that contained some blue liquid and a model of a ship. "Just sit in this chair and hold this ship in a bottle and say this one sentence: ‘I am the captain of my own ship.’" I shrugged and said, "Okay." I took my seat in the chair in front of…