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New In Town

See the lovely young lady pictured here? That’s our Courtney. Courtney moved to San Antonio from Dallas last August. And Dallas’s loss has been W. D. Deli’s (and San Antonio’s) gain. Imagine living in Dallas for most of your life, and then moving to San Antonio. Adjustments are necessary.

A long time ago I was doing some volunteer work that required a little counseling training/orientation kind of stuff. One of the things that we covered was CHANGE, and how most change results in grieving. The process of change means that something NEW has come along. To fully experience the new, we must give up the old. And giving something up means we experience LOSS, and the experience of loss means that we most likely grieve that loss. Goodbye White Rock Coffee. Hello Local Coffee. Goodbye Central Expressway and 635. Hello 281 and 1604. Goodbye Tom Thumb (Do you have your Rewards Card?) and Hello HEB (Combo Loco!).

I can understand the Courtney’s tendency to compare Dallas to San Antonio. I can un…

A Beautiful Saturday In San Antonio

It's cool and clear. The sun is shining. The Huevos a la Mexicana (con queso, por favor) at El Rafas are delicious. And then Mr. Beers puts down his newspaper, looks me in the eye, and says, "I think you need to start a new blog."

"Okay," I say.

So here we go.

Inspired by friends who have wonderful blogs: The Criplomats, my friend Stacy Sells, Heather - the Cowgirl Granola gal, The Moving Finger guy... I'm sure there are lots more, but those are the ones I've been checking out lately... I'm a little intimidated because these kids have set the bar kind of high for me. But I'll blog a little and throw some of my random thoughts (and maybe a few photos) out there and see what happens.

I look forward to sharing.