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Hamburger & Noodle Casserole

Last weekend Mr. Beers and I road-tripped our way to Dallas/Ft.Worth, specifically to Bedford, Texas, for a little quality time with some family folks there. It was a swell and relaxing time. We splashed around in Sheila & Jimmy's pool, enjoyed some fried fish & potatoes & hush puppies, and just visited. It was long overdue and the time went by way too fast.
While we were sitting in Mom's living room Saturday, each of us looking at our little screens, my mom started getting Facebook messages from her dear friend Nancy May in Ohio. Nancy had a question for mom. She needed to find out what all the ingredients were for this casserole. Mom had gotten the recipe from her friend Frances Tucker in the early 1960s. Nancy had gotten the recipe from Mom over 15 years ago and now she couldn't quite read what everything was.
Mom was able to go directly to her little metal recipe box with 3 X 5 cards of recipes written in cursive (some in pencil, some in ballpoint ink) and…