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My Valentine's Playlist

Sweet Prissy Atherton told me one afternoon while we were standing in the back room of The Polo Shop in Richmond Oaks, "Bobo, I know how you feed your soul." I'm sure I gave her the same look that our amazing dog Mookie gives me sometimes.  Puzzled.  Prissy was a free-thinking free spirit who introduced me to many new age kinds of things. We talked some more about the care and feeding of my soul. She observed that I got a lot of satisfaction from the music I listened to. I was feeding my soul with Sade, and everything but the girl, as well as Jody Watley and the soundtrack to Out Of Africa. And I remembered this just the other day, driving the streets of San Antonio, with a small case of January blahs. I switched on the CD player in my car, cranked up the volume, and immediately felt a little better. Prissy was right.

So, in the spirit of the season, I will share with you some selections from my Valentine's 2013 playlist - song selections that have been feeding my s…

See you tomorrow. Not.

It happened again. It has happened so many times that I must address it right here and right now.  Recently at W. D. Deli we received a job application from a young man who looked pretty good on paper.  We called him in for an interview, and lo and behold, he not only looked good on paper, he looked good in person - clean, well-groomed, articulate, appeared to have at least a little common sense.  We talked with him about his past work experiences.  We talked about the requirements of the position he was applying for.  We discussed the nuts and bolts of the job - hours, pay rate, responsibilities.  Everything sounded good to him.  We agreed on a starting day and time.

And then, almost as soon as he had left the deli, we got an email from him.  He had forgotten an obligation that he had on the day we had agreed on.  He could, however, start the next day.  He was “truly sorry” and this was really not indicative of his work ethic - according to his email.  Okay, we thought, maybe it’s ok…