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Cherry Delight

Last week we catered a Christmas party for one of our favorite customers. When we got there and started setting up, I noticed this beautiful dessert on the kitchen counter:

I started snapping photos of our food - and of course, I had to take a picture of this.  I posted it with the other photos and a folks started asking about it.  It looked so good, like something that would be a big hit at any gathering. I asked the host if he's share the recipe. He said yes. So here it is:
Cherry Delight
Bake an angel food cake in a 9 x 13 rectangular pan. After it has fully cooled (upside down) for about an hour and a half, cut the cake in two so that you have two layers.
Mix: 2 packets of Dream-Whip 1/2 cup milk (room temp) 8 oz. cream cheese (room temp)
Blend this mixture until stiff, and spread half of this mixture between the two layers of angel food cake. Spread the other half of the cream cheese mixture on top. Finish it off with a can of cherry pie filling. Refrigerate for at least two h…

Thanksgiving and Chocolate Gravy

Thanksgiving seems like a perfect holiday to me. It's pretty much centered around food and eating and family and friends. It's not particularly political or religious and everybody can agree that most of us have got plenty to be thankful for. Everybody has holiday traditions. Everybody has holiday memories. And every year we have the opportunity to create new memories (and sometimes we even create new traditions).

Thanksgiving this year was really different for us. For the past few years, Mr. Beers and I have had wonderful Thanksgiving days with Wendy and Kathryn, our dear friends in Austin. Sometimes they come to our house, sometimes we go to theirs. The day is spent leisurely cooking, relaxing, visiting...

But this year, things worked out differently. The Bobo side of our family was having Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas/Ft.Worth, while the Beers clan was making plans to celebrate the day on the following Saturday in Tulsa. So it seemed like a good plan: Go to Da…