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I miss records.

Last week we were out on the town for a little dinner at Cappycino’s and out of the corner of my eye I saw something. At the table next to us there were three young people - two girls and a guy. They were all attractive college kids home for the holidays. The girls were equally tall and blonde, wearing similar outfits featuring extremely short skirts and high-heeled shoes that rival those of Lady Gaga. The guy with them was dressed much more casually - sport shirt, jeans, and Sperry topsiders, no socks. He was probably there for the girls’ support, in case one of them fell off the scaffolding, er, I mean fell off of one of those death-defying shoes. In any case, I was mesmerized as both girls focused on the iPhones and double-thumbed texted with lightning-quick speed. It made me pause for a second to consider the "state of the art" of everything. Those iPhones are their personal computers and entertainment centers. It’s a phone book, address book, road map, encyclopedia, and…

Last Night

Last night, at precisely the same moment the television weather man uttered the words "hard freeze," our downstairs central heating unit decided that it was clocking out.  We played with the thermostat for a little while and continued to enjoy our Tuesday night TV viewing until the temperature in the living room dropped to below 60. Then we headed upstairs. Bbbrrrrrrr.

holiday wine

You may or may not be aware that Mr. Beers turned fifty just this past October. Oh yes. There was a party where many people celebrated. Many of them brought gifts to Mr. Beers. A lot of those gifts were bottles of wine. All kinds of wine. Thoughtful guests brought wines with beautiful labels. Some brought wines with funny labels. Cabs, savs, merlots, pinots - they were all represented. Mr. Beers ended up with enough wine to last well into the next year.

The house in which we reside was built in the 1920s. It’s a wonderful old place with what I believe I’ve heard certain realtors refer to as "great bones." It has thick plaster walls and lots of charm. Living in a house built in the 1920s is an adventure in and of itself. It also has antique plumbing and wiring. I like to refer to the water pressure as "European." The lighting in most rooms is slightly dim.

The dim lighting when paired with the somewhat failing eyesight of middle age can seem at times an inconvenienc…