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Back around this time of year in 2011 (Wasn't that, like, yesterday?), Mr. Beers and I were planning our annual pilgrimage to New York City. We've been going to the city for Christmas for quite a while, so this wasn't anything new. What was new was that the state of New York, earlier in the year, had decided that it was okay for people to marry whomever they loved. Mr. Beers and I started talking about the possibility of getting married on this particular trip. We shared our feelings about this with a few people. Those feelings were mostly feelings of uncertainty since getting married had never seemed like anything that would really be feasible for us. We thought about it and talked about it and researched it and found out enough to think that we might actually be able to do it. Still there were rather loud voices in our heads telling us that it might not happen - that somebody would say, "Wait a minute. You can't do that." You see, since it had never been p…

The Shift

Somewhere along life's long road up to where we are right now, we shifted gears. Our feelings about Christmas have changed quite a bit. We've moved on from first gear, I guess, when we used to take the catalog and circle all the things that we wished for Santa to bring for Christmas. We stopped making lists of what we hoped to see under our tree on the 25th of December. It was a long and gradual change.

These days we don't anticipate the arrival of Malibu Barbie in a shiny plastic Corvette nearly as much. Instead we look forward to things like Christmas cards with pictures of friends and family (Can you believe how he/she has grown?!). We get excited about having the opportunity to visit with dear friends at holiday parties (where, incidentally there has also been a gradual change as the years have gone by - more about the food, less about the cocktails).

The gifts are still there, and they're plentiful. But they aren't necessarily in a wrapped box with a ribbon. …