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It's not easy being green.

I remember when families did not have an appliance called a dishwasher. I also remember when my family got our first dishwasher. We lived on Hwy. 29 South, halfway between Lewisville and Hope, Arkansas. It was a pretty big deal - a dishwasher! It was not, however, a built-in. It sat over in the corner of the kitchen when it wasn’t being used. On the occasion that we did use it, we had to roll it across the room and hook it up to the sink faucet with a hose and an adapter and then plug it into a nearby electrical outlet. But we didn’t use it unless we had enough dirty dishes to fill it up. And we had to wash the dishes by hand before we put them in the dishwasher. If this sounds complicated and confusing, it was.

I come from a time when paper plates and paper towels were what we used. My parents had four children who ate and drank everything in sight. Paper plates and paper towels were considered necessary. I think we also used those red plastic drinking cups, but for some reason we d…

Back to reality....

If you visited W. D. Deli during the first week or two of August, you may have noticed that Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers were conspicuously absent. Not to worry, though, the deli crew kept things running quite smoothly. It was especially gratifying to return to San Antonio only to find a shiny, clean, sparkling W. D. Deli - and then to get glowing reports from friends and customers who visited the deli during our hiatus. Business was good. People were happy. Courtney, Brandy, and EVERYBODY did a great job.

That’s right. Mr. Beers and Mr. Bobo recently returned from a wonderful vacation. The lucky fellows went to Rome, Italy, for a couple of days, and then had the great good fortune to board a cruise ship and visit the fine folks of Italy, France, Spain, Tunisia, and Corsica... Beautiful countryside, beautiful people, beautiful food... It was like a really great summer camp for adults. And like a great summer camp, it seemed to end way too quickly.

We are still talking about and thinking abo…